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Is it possible to find the perfect book that would be equally liked everyone. To at any time and with any mood take it, read, and life becomes more beautiful. That generally means this concept - an ideal. The ideal woman, the perfect man, the perfect child. Who chooses what is right and what is not good for the ideal status. For each individual person his ideal. For a woman the perfect man - the one who is always at home with the family, playing with children, helping around the house. For the other - to earn a lot of money and send it to Milan for shopping, her family and, as such, do not need, and children. So it is with books. It is impossible to write a perfect book to be enjoyed exclusively throughout. Different from us tastes, different mentality. You are probably familiar with the fact that the publication of "Lolita" by Nabokov. How many disputes as persecution was on the author. This book is today, when the topic of sex is discussed openly, causes a lot of controversial debate. But the book is ranked among the category of classic, which means there is in it something that is valuable, despite the time. Do not look for the perfect book, read different, and not very good. Look for your ideal.

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